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call for registrations to Pandemic Dwelling – Home in times of Pandemic

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call for registrations to Pandemic Dwelling – Home in times of Pandemic

Architecture Competition of Pandemic Dwelling at Archue challenges our core way of looking at our dwellings the house we live in in the light of ongoing pandemic. How our dwellings become the pandemic Dwellings to safeguard us from this out-break?

What is a Dwelling?

The Dwelling (A House) remains the place where we all spent most of the time of our lives and experience architecture, learn to connect it through emotions, it also saves us from various calamities and bring peace to our core.

Corona virus is changing the way we look at our cities, our homes and our rooms.

Our Dwellings were not built to handle our current needs. Most of us don’t have the luxury of a study room or a work space as we have never thought of it before, while some don’t have a recreational space for the family and a Balcony. In the absence of free movement, everyone is missing the sight of greenery. And to top it off, the lack of a multi-functional space that can be used by children and adults alike has never been more prominent. Many of us are suffering from the Problem of the Pets and their spaces. If how we live and interact needs to change, that should include how we’ve built and designed our homes. This is the time to look from inside.

“So we at Archue wants you as an Architect, Interior Designer & Students to see this as a challenge and Create a Pandemic Dwelling a Model for the world to live in.”


Given below are approximate guidelines of what a standard Dwelling design dictate. Nevertheless, participants are welcome to add spaces as per their design and spatial requirements considering the various need evolved in due to coronavirus. Minimum spaces to be covered in the design.

Participants can look into various techniques of creating dwelling, fabrications and other techniques which can be efficient and answer to this issue. 

Approximate Maximum site area: 5000 Sq.ft 

  • Living Space
  • Master Bed Bedrooms
  • Study
  • Kitchen W.C & Bath
  • Think of some space out of the BOX (This will be one of the criteria of the Winning Entries)

*Participants submitting old design projects or new design have freedom of site selection, area selection for the spaces, Scale of the building,  Proportion of the built form to open space, distribution of interior areas and all the aspects of functionality, are left to participants’ appropriate judgement and discretion.

*Participants can select any site which will be best suited for their Pandemic Dwelling Design.

*Participant are free to submit entries of any other competition which they had been participated or worked on.

Registration Schedule

Pandemic Dwelling Architecture Competition is a special edition with limited entries up to 150 Maximum Entries. So this is first come first serve basis and the Registration fee will change according to the no. of entries or dates whichever criteria is fulfilled first. So please hurry with your registration.

call for registrations to Pandemic Dwelling – Home in times of Pandemic


You can use Code Archue5 to get 5% cashback after successful registration.

If you have participated in any Archue Competition Earlier use code ArchueE you will get a 10% Cashback after Registration.


This Architecture competition is open to all.

International Eligibility. Open to participants from all countries

No professional qualification is required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams (4 team members maximum). 

Participants are free to submit multiple entries, but each entry needs to be registered separately.


call for registrations to Pandemic Dwelling – Home in times of Pandemic

* Prize money is totally dependent on the registration, of the total entries received which is then distributed on the basis of total participation. A percentage allocation of the total amount is done as 30% of the total amount is given to the winning entry, a 20% of the total amount is given to the Runner-up Entry, 10 % of the total amount is awarded to the each Qualifier entries.

For further details, please visit competition's website.

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