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Exploring Café’s in India with 4 Projects by Space Race Architects, Jalandhar

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Exploring Café’s in India with 4 Projects by Space Race Architects, Jalandhar

This post shall dive into a visual experience of four Café’s-cum-restaurants designed by Space Race Architects; Jalandhar, Punjab representing diverse parts of the world. The firm’s Principal Architect Udayveer Singh aims to design spaces with the tools of emotions to support the edifice of not just a building but a place you connect with everyday life.

Exploring Café’s in India with 4 Projects by Space Race Architects, Jalandhar

White Lama Café, A European eatery:

Located near Lokhandwala, Mumbai, the White Lama Café is the best place for a quick bite. It reflects Inspirations from the Greek cafés of Santorini, Greece. The blend of blue and white, depict coolness and calm ambience amidst the humid climate of the place. The area is strategically divided for a large outdoor seating to impart a relaxed and refreshing feel. The colour combination takes one into an island ambience with elegant décor and customized seating. The café in every detail engages the senses with the restful atmosphere, tasteful décor, refreshing beverages and delicious snacks. The outdoor seating is partially covered with the tented screens representing the bright sky amidst the bluest of seas. The visitors take back a delectable memory that stop for a cup of coffee or a quick leisure meal.

Outdoor Seating Area, White Lama Cafe

Interior View, White Lama Cafe

Kumar Cake House, A multisensory Bakery

Kumar Cake House, A multisensory Bakery:

Located on busy Rainbow Street in Model Town, Jalandhar, the Kumar Bakery is a foodie’s paradise and designer’s delight rolled into one entity. Cake Boy is the hero of this story. With a Cool Boy persona, everything about him is dapper and stylish – from his ingenious sunglasses which are LCD screens flashing the menu and orders, to his rugged face which is entirely sculpted out of nails! The design detailing definitely steals the cake (pun intended) at Kumar Bakery, some of the crowd favourites being the selfie point next to cake boy, catchy decals on the walls and the open kitchen with rolling pins hanging off the ceiling! Exposed red brick walls lend rustic warmth to the bakery, while the classic beechwood and mild steel combination adds that contemporary edge.

Interior Seating Space, Kumar Cake House

Interior View, Kumar Cake House

Uniquely Curated Ceiling , Kumar Cake House

Fire-in-The Hole, Wood Fired Pizzas:

Located near the PPR Market in Jalandhar, Punjab, the Fire-in-The Hole has a North Italian feel. It largely reflects the Streets of Venice as one enters the space. It has a lot on the platter that attracts a creative person. Rustic Interiors and unique embellishments win the game. Be it be the coloured bulbs at the ceiling level, the coined interior wall, Herring and bone pattern flooring, semicircular blind arches depicting the Venice streets or the alternative patterns of stone cladding. All these elements blend harmoniously visually making the visitors travel to the origins while enjoying the cuisine. The colour combination of greys and yellow also create a magnificent feel and imparts an ethnic ambience to space. From a cultural viewpoint, this is an apt place to congregate, talk, and entertain one another in small groups.

Exploring Café’s in India with 4 Projects by Space Race Architects, Jalandhar

Interior View, Fire-in-The Hole

Ceiling fashioned with coloured bulbs, at Fire-in-The Hole

Cash counter with scooter model at Fire-in-The Hole

Blind Semicircular arches with views of streets of Venice at Fire-in-The Hole

Guftagu Cafe, keeping alive the spirit in conversations

Guftagu, keeping alive the spirit in conversations:

Located near Durga Colony, Jalandhar Punjab, Guftagu Café represents a Bollywood Movie bonanza from the Mumbai Fort area.  The entrance is demarcated with posters and shots from veteran Bollywood movies of India. Space truly represents its name Guftagu that literally means to chit-chat and talk. This café rightfully serves as a centre for social interaction and a place to meet, greet, write and congregate. The old cassettes or the records have been upcycled in this project by and framing them in the display wall behind the seating. The colour combination of the café is also uniquely curated with multi-coloured variants in the furniture acting like a complete contrast to the darker shade green and greys. The café is designed in a linear fashion with tune symbols and a large piano painted on the adjacent wall from the sitting space.  Besides this, the hanging mikes, skeleton framed bulbs and display of other musical equipment add a creative feel of dance, drama and magic to space.

 Adjacent Wall design with Piano and musical tunes at Guftagu

Interior View, Guftagu Cafe

Upcycled old cassettes framed at the display wall at Guftagu

All Images © Ar. Udayveer Singh

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