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Matthias Arndt envisions "exclusive" cubist forest hotel complex in the Bavarian Forest

Germany - Dec 1, 2017 - 17:51   11209 views

Germany-based architect and digital artist Matthias Arndt, founder of lichtechthas envisioned an "exclusive" wellness & spa hotel complex in the middle of the Bavarian Forest, in the Black Forest, Germany. Designed for Tidevand Bau, a German developer, the project is being developed as super-luxury hotel complex, considering the notions of "health" and "nature" in the same design scheme. 

The complex is designed to be the unique resort of the world, connecting direct relationship with nature. Encompassing a total of 15-20ha area, the design of units are now still being discussed to distribute the rooms in three areas: in the Bavarian Forest, in the Black Forest and the Upper Harz. 

Named Revugia, according to the current state of planning, the exclusive hotel project will comprise a total of approx. 80 units, accommodate approximately 50 junior and senior suites in a 2-3-storey main building and have over 30 generously distributed in nature, some extraordinary forest and tree houses.

In addition to the unique and generous location in the forest, the project reveals a groundbreaking architectural style, a particularly sustainable energy concept and a unique service, recreation and experience concept, which puts the aspects of "nature and health" holistically thematically in the center.

In order to put the forest in the limelight, the architectural and design language is consciously reduced and kept with cubist geometry. The architects will use wood, natural stone and glass in the project to achieve sustainable conditions with a minimum footprint in nature.

Coupled with a high-quality gastronomic concept, the Revugia, as an extraordinary Waldresort & Spa, will target as high-income, health-conscious and sustainable people from the metropolitan regions of the whole of Germany and neighboring European countries in the 35-70 age group longing for strength in the midst of nature. 

"As a rule, these people are heavily employed and have a correspondingly high need for rest and relaxation. At the same time, they make high demands on state-of-the-art architecture, maximum quality and convincing service," said Tidevand Bau.

Tidevand Bau will open the resort for companies or corporate events as a second important target group for the Revugia. Both the spectacular location in the forest and the high-quality and individual hotel and wellness offer meeting rooms in the trees and it is considered that the complex will be an ideal place for corporate events such as strategy workshops, customer or team events, Product presentations, seminars & training are suitable.

Construction is planned for the second half of 2018 according to current plans, the opening of the resort is planned for the end of the year 2019. The investment is planned to cost about €20-22 million. 

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