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Arcoplan presents the Waste Architecture at Sardinia 2017 Symposium

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Arcoplan presents the Waste Architecture at Sardinia 2017 Symposium

Arcoplan, an architectural and engineering consultancy active in the fields of architecture, landscape and environment, is currently organising a new event exploring Waste Architecture to delve into waste management systems in much more practical ways.

The Waste Architecture has been included in the main programme of  "SARDINIA 2017 – Sixteenth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium", a world-renowned event to be held at Forte Village Resort in Cagliari, Italy, from 2 to 6 October 2017 with an extimated attendance of 800 experts from throughout the world. 

Waste Architecture at Sardinia 2017 is the result of the activity of "Waste Architecture Platform", a complex project conceived as a container of initiatives devoted to environmental architecture in connection with interventions concerning the collection, disposal and management of waste.

World Architecture Community is media partner for the symposium, and will be bringing the fresh news about the most striking sessions and projects from the event.

Arcoplan presents the Waste Architecture at Sardinia 2017 Symposium

BIG's Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant in Copenhagen - is under construction. Image courtesy of BIG

"The Waste Architecture is a new and relatively unexplored conceptual and design topic focused on the architecture for the environment and, more specifically, the architecture of major works related to Waste Management," stated the organization. 

"The need to integrate waste disposal systems into an environmental planning strategy connected to the landscape and urban space requires an integrated planning activity and a multidisciplinary approach. From this perspective, the technical aspects, once the exclusive domain of environmental engineering, nowadays give rise to an interesting synergy with architecture".

Arcoplan presents the Waste Architecture at Sardinia 2017 Symposium

Northala Fields Park by by Peter Fink and Igor Marko in London, UK opened in 2008. The most significant feature of the design is construction of a new monumental land form on site, utilizing substantial volumes of imported construction rubble from a pool of London-wide development projects such as Heathrow Terminal 5, White City and Wembley Stadium. Image courtesy of Marko and Placemakers.

In the prestigious contest of the Sardinia Symposium the Waste Architecture sessions will provide the setting for in-depth discussion aimed not only at environmental professionals, but also experts in architecture, and urban and landscape design, and will represent an opportunity to come into contact with the world-leading experts in the field of waste management.

The WA Sessions will focus mainly on the following topics: Architecture of buildings for waste treatment (Waste to energy plants, incinerators…), Functional requalification of old and new landfill sites, Landfill mining for land reuse and remediation of degraded land, Integration of pneumatic waste collection system in the urban space, Design of facilities for separate collection systems, transfer stations, etc…, Locations for waste disposal and relationships with the city, Waste Architecture and circular economy (Reuse Centres,...).

Arcoplan presents the Waste Architecture at Sardinia 2017 Symposium

Valdemingómez Landfill by Israel Alba in Madrid. In 1999, Madrid’s regional government closed down the former waste-treatment centre at Valdemingómez after the landfill site reached its capacity limit. Subsequently, it organised a tender for the regeneration and transformation of this large degraded area into forested public park whose botanic garden could shelter plant species native to the Community of Madrid. Image courtesy of Israel Alba. 

The program of the symposium comprises IWWG Training Courses, Waste Architecture Sessions, Environmental Forensics
Italian session. The WA session is still receiving abstracts

The Waste Architecture symposium will also honour 6 Best Papers during the Symposium and be delivered to recipients in occasion of the Gala Dinner on October 6, 2017. Besides these, the symposium organizes a photography competition - called Waste To Photo - aims to recreate a scenario representing the global situation with regard to waste and landfill. You still have time to send your submissions electronically to the e-mail address [email protected] until July 31, 2017.

You can see entrance fees, registration forms, detailed program of the symposium and other information on the SARDINIA 2017 website

All images courtesy of SARDINIA 2017

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