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WAC launched World Architecture Materials

Turkey Architecture News - Oct 26, 2018 - 10:02   14000 views

WAC launched World Architecture Materials

World Architecture Community is launching its first ever product service World Architecture Materials (WAM), a new marketplace for architects to discover new materials, products and services around the globe, and to use in their next projects, but with an exclusive feature facilitating the projects of architects and manufacturers.

World Architecture Community aims to be a keystone between architects, manufacturers and vendors, and for this reason, WAC has added a new feature to its product service as being one of the two main differentiators from other architecture portals and websites offering similar services. 

WAC launched World Architecture Materials

"World Architecture Materials brings the materials' or products' Draft Technical Specifications Documentation to the desk of the architect..."

While the World has so many great building and construction materials and services to offer, World Architecture Community members, the architects, have limited time and resources to select the right ones for the right project. On the other hand the manufacturers and vendors face challenges to get their products and services in front of the architects, especially in international markets.

One of the most painful activities for architects is the creation of a "Draft Technical Specifications Documentation", which is needed by the contractors, who has to build the project in accordance to the requirements put forward by the architects. This will be one of the exclusive parts of World Architecture Materials.

Having those documents attached to the Manufacturers' or Service Providers' products, materials or services will increase the chances of architects picking those products and materials over others. 

Architects and designers will be able to reach WAC's associated companies to create internationally accepted Product Data and Draft Technical Specifications documents. Those companies are specifically Innocent (Innovation Centre for Design & Technology) and pro^GE, a well reputed project management firm, offering attractive rates to assist in that effort.

WAC launched World Architecture Materials

World Architecture Materials' exclusive feature is valid both for Manufacturers And Architects

With this new feature, WAC aims to reach manufacturers and service providers around the world, especially those manufacturers who are less known around the globe, as this will allow them to put their products' draft technical specifications on the desk of architects.

The creation of such Product Data and Draft Technical Specifications documentation requires a certain level of experience and/or expertise, and both Innocent and pro^GE have over a decade of experience in project management and in technical specification documentation production. 

They are ready to provide their services to both the manufacturers who are not comfortable with the creation of such documentation, and the architects who need such documentation to be ready for their next project. 

Please contact for more information on this service. 

WAC launched World Architecture Materials

Left: View of all products & services, right: Casablanca coffee, courtesy of Devon&Devon

Interestingly, World Architecture Community’s other main differentiator from other architecture portals and websites offering similar services is in the geographical diversity of its visitors. Last year, World Architecture Community welcomed close to 600,000 unique visitors, close to 95% architects or architecture students (tomorrow's architects).

The Western World represented 47% (North America 24%, Europe 21% and ANZ 2%) of all visitors. The remaining 53% is a result of World Architecture Community's intentional focus on countries less or not covered by mainstream media and other platforms, more specifically in Asia (46%), Latin America (4%) and Africa (3%).

In other words, World Architecture Materials offers the perfect meeting point for all, whether they come from the West or the East, as it is a nearly perfect 50-50 split between Western, and Eastern and Developing countries...This makes such a marketplace a great benefit for both sides to come together. 

WAC launched World Architecture Materials

"This makes such a marketplace a great benefit for both the material and service providers and the architects to come together..."

Devon&Devon, an Italian brand focusing on contemporary classic bathroom furniture and interior decoration, and Kömürcüoğlu Marble, a Turkish brand supplying travertine from its own mine sites, are the first members of World Architecture Materials (WAM). 

Registering to World Architecture Materials is very easy, join WAM from here and start listing your products or services. WAM also provides an introductory offer for its first members. 

Early adopters who enrol before October 31st, 2018, we offer a 40% discount, and before December 31st, 2018, a 20% discount is offered. See all pricing details and to learn more about enrolling to WAM here.

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