Introducing World Architecture Materials

World Architecture Community

Since 2006, World Architecture Community provides a unique environment for architects, architecture students and academics around the globe to meet, share and compete. After over 10 years serving the architecture community around the globe, we are thrilled and excited to announce: World Architecture Materials (WAM), a unique place where manufacturers and service providers can create a full page for their brand or company to promote their products/services with any information and visuals they like to present to our community. On WAM, architects can look up and discover new materials, products and services around the globe to use in their next projects, and directly contact with manufacturers and/or service providers.

"World Architecture Materials offers a meeting point for architects and manufacturers / service providers”

The World has so many great building and construction materials and services to offer, but still, the manufacturers and vendors face challenges to get their products and services in front of the architects, especially in international markets. So, with World Architecture Materials (WAM), we aim to create a bridge between the architects and the manufacturers of architectural building and construction materials, products or services.

World Architecture Community's main differentiator from other architecture portals and websites offering similar services is in the geographical distribution of its visitors. Although most of our visitors during the last 12 months1came from the USA (37%), 53% of our visitors and 72% of our page views were from Eurasia, proving that WAC covers a different geographical space.

Among 1 million unique visitors WAC welcomed in the last 12 months, the Western World represented 57% (North America 39%, Europe 16% and ANZ 2%) of all visitors. The remaining 43% of our visitors is a direct result of WAC’s intentional focus on countries less or not covered by mainstream media and other platforms.

As a result, we cover a quite different geographical space and therefore reach an audience quite different from our competitors. World Architecture Materials offers the perfect meeting point for all, whether they come from the West or the East, as it is a nearly 50-50 split between Developed and Developing countries... This will make WAM a great benefit for both sides to come together. More traffic and other information is available on the map above and in our "Media Kit."

If you are a manufacturer or a service provider, click "Join WAM" to get more information about how you can promote your company and/or brand together with your materials, products or services on WAM. Please note that we have a very attractive introductory offer for you. 

If on the other hand, you are an architect or a visitor, click "Start Browsing WAM" to see the materials and services that the World has to offer. 


(1) Source: Visitors and pageview information by Continent based on Google Analytics (1 January 2018 - 1 January 2019)