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WANTED MORE: World Architecture Community Country Editors/Reporters

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WANTED MORE: World Architecture Community Country Editors/Reporters

We are delighted and excited to announce World Architecture Community is launching the Country Editors/Reporters program. Please see below more specifics about this program and do not hesitate to apply if you believe to be a good fit as the face of World Architecture Community in your country while being the voice of your Country on World Architecture Community.

What is a World Architecture Community Country Editor/Reporter?

WAC Country Editors/Reporters have the responsibility of picking, writing and submitting local architectural news stories, on a regular and sustained basis, that are newsworthy of being published on the World Architecture Community’s News section.

Who is the typical World Architecture Community Country Editor/Reporter?

The ideal World Architecture Community Country Editors/Reporters will be from an architecture background or an active architect. Students are also welcome, if they are at least on their last year of undergraduate architecture studies.

The WAC Country Editors/Reporters must have a desire to share their local architecture news with their country and the World. Being or having been an architecture blogger with experience and/or an architecture critic with published papers, will represent a plus in the selection process, but it is not a mandatory condition.

As the official language of World Architecture Community is English; it is imperative that our Country Editors/Reporters not only have a good level in the language of the Country they are reporting for, they must also have an advanced level in English language. All articles will have to be submitted in English to the World Architecture Community News section.

What is the difference between a World Architecture Community Country Editor and World Architecture Community Country Reporter?

All new accepted candidates will first be World Architecture Community Reporters. Over a period of 2-3 months, the performance of reporters will be evaluated by our Chief Editor and the WAC Management Team and as a result, World Architecture Community Country Editors will be selected.

Once confirmed, the Country Editor will then have editor responsibility over the articles submitted by Country Reporters within that country. Furthermore, over time, we plan to extend the role of the most successful Country Editors to that of Regional Editors, giving them responsibility for several countries that will form a region. The World Architecture Editor-in-Chief will have the final editorial authority overall the News section of our portal.

What does WAC offer its World Architecture Community Editors/Reporters?

World Architecture Community is a non-profit community portal founded in 2006, with the mission to provide the architecture community around the globe with a platform or portal to present themselves, showcase their work and to compete with peers.

As such, Country Editors/Reporters will not be financially remunerated. However, because of its reputation and reach on the architectural scene, World Architecture Community will offer the Country Editors/Reporters with status, title, fame and a platform to express themselves. The fact that they are an Editor/Reporter will also be flagged in their personal profile page and all the articles they successfully submit will be displayed as part of their own news portfolio.

All accepted Country Editors/Reporters will receive an e-mail address. Please note that this e-mail address is only to be used professionally and may be monitored by our management team. Editors and Reporters must pay particular attention not to engage World Architecture Community without the prior written consent of the WAC management team.

All articles submitted by the Country Editors/Reporters will be their responsibility and carry their names on World Architecture Community portal. Furthermore, all confirmed Editors/Reporters will be listed on the World Architecture Community’s country pages.

Finally, an official mailing will be sent to the Country members announcing the nomination(s) of Editors and Reporters. Their e-mail address will be visible both on the Country page and the announcement e-mails to make ensure Editors and Reporters can be reached by the local members of World Architecture Community.

Are you up to the challenge? Here is what you need to do next...

Simply send your application message and your curriculum vitae or resume via e-mail to [email protected]. Make sure to state "Country Editor/Reporter" in the subject line for faster consideration.

We look forward to collaborating with you, so best of luck!

Thank you!

— World Architecture Community