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SCI-Arc launches Shanghai Asia Initiative for Fall 2016

China Architecture News - Oct 14, 2016 - 15:08   13123 views

SCI-Arc launches Shanghai Asia Initiative for Fall 2016

Distinguished graduate Steven Ma (M.Arch ‘08) principal and founder of China’s first 3D-printing design brand, Xuberance, will lead the 8-week full-time cross-over satellite initiative in Shanghai & Seoul. The SCI-Arc Initiative will offer a creative and intensive fabrication and design experience for all students interested in pursuing a career in architecture and design. It is intended to jumpstart a graduate education at SCI-Arc, and may offer entrance scholarships to individuals noted for top performance marks in the initiative. 

The courses will offer the latest design process of additive manufacturing, AR/VR and robotics. Studios will combine complex digital sculpting /modeling, industrial design engineering and 3D printing.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from SCI-Arc and will be eligible to apply to SCI-Arc’s Master of Architecture program for fall 2017 after completion of this initiative.
This initiative is designed for students, architects, designers, artists, and individuals of all backgrounds who wish to engage with new techniques of complex geometric modeling in digital design, advanced fabrication techniques of additive manufacturing, and robotics. 

It offers new means for design inquiry where participants will actively use and explore computational tools both in stages of concept and practice. It is a full-time initiative requiring a minimum of 30 hours per week. This initiative also includes a cultural study seminar with field trips, a portfolio preparation seminar and English second language class.

The initiative will be held in English and run primarily using software such as Autodesk MAYA, Zbrush, Rhino, Grasshopper, Processing, UnReal Engine, Materialise Magics, etc. Participants need to bring their own laptops or workstations. SCI-Arc leadership will be present at the final reviews for this initiative. Xuberance will provide various robots and 3D printers including FDM, DLP and SLA onsite for prototyping purposes during the design process. Industrial printer outsourcing such as EOS (SLS/ SLM/TPA)/ 3D-Systems (SLA), Stratasys (Polyjet-Color), etc. will also be available at the lowest printing cost for students.

SCI-Arc Shanghai Coordinator:
Steven Ma

SCI-Arc Seoul Coordinator:
Jaeheon Jung

Visiting Faculty:
Hernan Diaz Alonzo, SCI-Arc Director/CEO
Elena Manferdini, SCI-Arc Graduate Programs Chair
Tom Wiscombe, SCI-Arc Undergraduate Program Chair
David Ruy, SCI-Arc Postgraduate Programs Chair

3D Printing/Modeling: Steven Ma
AR/VR: Jaeheon Jung
Robotic Fabrication: Hao Meng
Teaching Assistant: Song Qin, Christos Koukis, Himmel Wang, and Xuanji Li

Design Studio

Titled “The Pursuit of 3D Printable Products in the Era of Digital Design,” this studio will focus on how 3D printing can be developed into real consumer products that suit market needs, as well as business strategies on 3D printing design applications.

Additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) not only brings new beginnings to an industrial revolution, it also brings self-expression to new design approaches, allowing abstract ideas to be realized and new techniques to develop new form of geometries. Today, additive manufacturing technologies can quickly create tangible items that allow individuals to touch, feel and assess their design. The incredible possibilities afforded by these new technologies allow us to reinterpret the tradition of design thinking, permitting much higher quality products to be printed on-demand in the near future.

This studio combines complex digital sculpting and modeling, industrial design engineering and 3D printing to enable the reflexive integration of virtual and physical objects. Digital modeling, prototyping and computational analysis will be mobilized against one another in an effort to refine the resolution, precision and performance of the designed objects.

Digital Workshops

Each workshop will begin on the first week of each month and will be taught by SCI-Arc Alumni & Faculty. Students will have access to the digital fabrication lab from Xuberance Co.Ltd and the Architecture Institute of China’s Shanghai Campus (includes: 3D printing & robotic labs, campus cafeteria, lounges and recreational facilities).

Application Deadline: 
October 18, 2016

6800 USD + Tax

Steven Ma
+86 152 1687 1625
Wechat: ma_steven

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