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Kohn Pederson Fox’s The Petersen Automotive Museum will re-open in December of 2015

United States Architecture News - Sep 28, 2015 - 17:40   5914 views

Petersen Automotive Museum, image © The Petersen

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Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) designed The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles- The Petersen Automotive Museum has officially begun construction and will re-open in December of 2015. During this time The Petersen will host many activities, contests, and interactive online challenges via social media and its website. After opening of The Broad Museum in Los Angeles, LA expanded its architectural contemporary cultural heritage across town serving many cultural activities.

Despite the efforts, the new look of the Petersen Automotive Museum has taken strong criticism from authors and cultural critics. One of its bad critics written by Marissa Gluck from Curbed and she called the building under the title of ''The New Look of the Petersen Automotive Museum is Really Really Bad'' by featuring its construction visuals on Curbed. The other critic written by Kevin Roderick from L.A. Observed and he defined the building "different and kind of hideous." The latest criticism written by Carolina A.Miranda from LA Times and she said ''there is something about the building's willful awfulness that I have to admire'' by publishing an image of the in-progress building.

It is explained that amidst a year of tremendous growth, the Petersen Automotive Museum detailed a comprehensive master plan that will transform the 20-year-old Los Angeles institution into one of the finest automotive museums in the world. The New Petersen will seamlessly blend cutting-edge interactive technology with rare and historically significant vehicles, a focus on the art of the automobile and also document Southern California cultural milestones. Announcements included a virtual tour of the museum’s interior, which features 22 new galleries as part of the complete three-floor re-design. Additions to the museum’s board of directors and staff and updates on the ongoing capital campaign were also revealed.

“We sought out the finest minds in museums, entertainment, education, architecture and design to create an immersive experience that blends art and science in a way that will equally appeal to those who love the automobile and visitors looking to learn something new,” said Peter Mullin, the Petersen’s Chairman of the Board. “We have made significant headway in our capital campaign and construction is underway. Our final major event before the interior renovation is the annual Gala, which will be held on October 18. This event will honor three automotive icons and feature a performance by The Beach Boys. Then the transformation will begin for the New Petersen, which will be a global museum standard-bearer the people of Los Angeles will be proud to call their own.”

interior of The Petersen Automotive Museum, image from Youtube.

One year after revealing a stunning new exterior design by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates that will wrap the museum with long ribbons of stainless steel, the museum has unveiled an innovative gallery display plan that will set a new standard for automotive museums. Highlights include cutting-edge galleries, interactive children’s displays, exhibits dedicated to art and design, media and industry, motorsports and technology and the unique role motorized transportation had in the development of Los Angeles.

interior of The Petersen Automotive Museum, image from Youtube.

Visitors will begin their journey on the third floor. It will be dedicated to the history of the automobile, both in Southern California and around the world – and includes a look at Hollywood’s love affair with cars. Visitors will then descend to the second floor, dedicated to the industry of the automobile. Galleries here will explore racing, customization, manufacturing and alternate-fuel technologies as well as interactive spaces for families and a groundbreaking new satellite campus for Art Center College of Design, the world’s leading transportation design school. Visitors will end up on the first floor, focusing on the art of the automobile. This will include a large main salon devoted to the world’s most beautiful automobiles and contemporary art gallery, where well known artists can explore the automobile as both inspiration and medium.

the exhibition space, image from Youtube.

The museum’s leadership and staff have also grown to tackle the challenges of building a cutting-edge institution that resides a thriving metropolis — and will attract visitors from around the world.  Several additions have been made to its Board of Directors. Richard Varner, a 30-year veteran of the energy and motorcycle sectors, now serves as treasurer and board member. Also new to the board are Charles Nearburg, a former race car driver and energy industry executive, and noted investor Richard Roeder, who has served on the boards of several key Los Angeles institutions, including The Natural History Museum, The Music Center and the Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital Foundation.

detail from interior, image from Youtube.

Over the past year, the museum has experienced unprecedented growth, nearly tripling the number of special events and exhibits, educational programs and shows. The total number of museum visitors and student tours has also set new benchmarks. Under the guidance of Executive Director Terry Karges, The Petersen has made several key hires in several departments — including marketing, retail operations, development and curatorial — to support its rapid growth. Finally, 19 new vehicles have been added to the museum’s collection. Several of these cars have Southern California histories, including a Los Angeles-built 1900 Smith. Acquisitions are ongoing as the museum prepares for its grand-reopening.

outer view from street, image from Youtube.

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