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4M SALALI ARCHITECTS Turkey (2021-2022)

Jun 02, 2022
Located in Altıntaş Neighborhood of Aksu District of Antalya, the design area has a very strategic location thanks to its proximity to both the airport and the beaches. While developing a project on a highly qualified land, a concept was developed by evaluating the characteristics of the land, Antalya's climate, solar movements and regional needs and requirements. In the parcel, which has a nearly rectangular form, a total of 141 flats are placed in two separate blocks with a site plan layout that becomes parallel to the short side of the parcel. In this way, direct orientation to a not preferred facade such as the North facade was prevented and the flats are oriented towards the intercardinal directions.

It is aimed to leave plenty of green space for landscape design in between the blocks by providing an entrance from the northern façade. Endemic and vernacular plants are selected for landscape design and a nearly 1.000 square meter pool with various activations is located between the blocks. A total of 18 duplex apartments in 2 blocks on the ground floor are designed to offer a “loft” life with their large gardens in front of them. A bar, which can be accessed from both the outside and inside the pool, is positioned in the middle of the pool and creates a social area for the residents.

The swimming pool has a design reminiscent of a lake, on the south side of the land, in the middle of the landscape area, at an equal distance from both blocks and creating a view for the apartments.

One of the most important features of the project is that it has a "vertical forest" structure to be built with steel construction in front of the blocks. This structure consists of gardens of approximately 15 square meters in front of the flats on the floors, offering the blocks advantages such as privacy and shading. Thanks to this feature, the project offers an innovation that none of the surrounding buildings offer. Antalya Garden Suites offers an integrated life with nature by ensuring that every apartment looks green. These gardens, each of which are two stories high, act in a staggered fashion on the façade, preventing the flats from looking directly at each other's garden and ensuring that there is no problem with privacy.

In order to allow vehicles to be parked in a shaded area in a warm climate like Antalya, the shaded open car park located in the East and West side of the blocks are covered with photovoltaic panels. In this way, it is aimed to keep the vehicles cool and harvest solar energy at the same time. These PV panels and the ones located on the roofs of the blocks are compensating the need of electricity for common areas and the electric vehicle charging stations. Additionally, rainwater collection tank located in the underground is designed to meet the irrigation demand of the vertical forest structure and landscaping. Such features are considered to achieve both environmental and economic sustainability.

Controlled entrance is provided thanks to the security booth and garden walls. There is an underground parking as well as the shaded parking areas extending along the East-West direction, right after the entrance.

Residential blocks has been designed in reinforced concrete structure with a steel structure garden annex. Total built area is over 15.000 sqm including the reinforced concrete blocks, steel construction, pool and underground parking.
Partners in Charge: Salih Z. Salalı - Doruk Salalı
Team: Mazhar Gülen, Ertuğ Ateş
New York Vertical Farm
Wall Corporation United States (2015-)

Apr 12, 2022
The plot was divided into longitudinal horizontal grid as natural planted fields. Linear lines of agricultural land on the ground in two directions have been transformed into the structure in such a way that they carry each other. The structure is terraced at a level that will take maximum rain. Thanks to this sustainable architectural structure that allows vertical farming, it will be possible to get both maximum rain and maximum daylight.
X description terracing on the form was designed for agricultural production. Rain and sunshine to the gradual change of place terrace can be used most efficiently.
Rising slope and forms a giant mutual support beams on the main carrier. Terrace sits on the inclined beam.Curved beams defines the space in the middle for the elevator.Lifts runs on the rails with the inclined beam as in the Eiffel Tower. Structure mutually connecting cable has become the top spot in the stable.
Places first in the 25-meter studio apartment with terrace were placed.It is designed from the ground terracing down 3 levels the volume of the main dwelling. There is up to 50 meters from 25 meters outdoor terraces only for agricultural production.Rainwater is used in the most efficient manner.Reaches into housing filtered down from the terrace, rain from above.Each terrace accessible by elevator.Located in the head by a structure designed for emergency stairs are located on the inclined beam.While agricultural production in history with reference to the vertical structure of the building also offers an impressive symbol of the city. Aims to draw attention to agricultural production should also thanks to the impressive structure.

Steel cable structure
Selim Senin
Ntinda Offices
Wall Corporation Uganda (2022-)

Mar 15, 2022
The project is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, located in East Africa. The project land, located in Ntinda, the newly developing region of Kampala, has an area of 777 square meters. When the ramp was built, it was aimed to dissolve the car parking area on the ground floor instead of building a basement, since the loss of space was too much and the land was very limited.The ground floor of the building, which touches the ground only with the entrance lobby and an elevator area that will allow vertical circulation, is used as a car parking lot. A staircase is designed open from the side of the building. This staircase leads to the cafe*&restaurant area designed on the 1st floor. The cafe restaurant area has direct access with this staircase designed outside, without entering the building. The 2nd and 3rd floors and the 4th and 5th floors are defined as a single office space. The gallery space, which is two stories high on both floors, allows both floors to work as a single floor. This gallery space is located at different locations on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and on a different floor on the 4th and 5th floors.The relocation of the gallery also allows for a more dynamic setup on the façade of the building. Instead of repeating floor plans over 4 floors, a more dynamic office setup has been achieved. High ceilings, that is, 2 floors high, are a sign of prestige. Instead of the classical office space, this 2-floor office design has been considered so that boutique brands can better express themselves to their customers.

Plot area: 777 sqm
Structure: Reinforced Structure
Car parking: 20 cars
Workspace Capacity: 106 person
Selim Senin
Cemil pamukcu
Isinsu Sopaoglu
test project
test company Turkey (2021-2022)

Jun 20, 2022
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Villa M2
Wall Corporation Rwanda (2022-)

Apr 09, 2022
The project is located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, located in East Africa. The project land, located on a hill overlooking the city, consists of an area of 2000 m2. As a result of various meetings with the client, it is recommended that all places of the house look at the view. Since the project land has a unique view of Kigali, all rooms and spaces have been planned to benefit from the view. On the 1st floor, there is only the guest room and the home cinema. The 1st floor was designed centrally to center the ground floor of the building.The ground and first floor floors of the building are detached from the walls of the building and designed to float in the air. Thanks to this floating roof, light can be received from all sides of the house. The ceiling slab of the ground floor which is facing the view is extended towards the view and a shaded area protected from the sun is designed. This semi-open area offers the landlord the opportunity to have fun in the unique atmosphere of Kigal at any time of the day.On the side of the house facing the road, there is the main entrance door. The entrance hall consists of a volume 2 floors high. The entrance hall façade is designed to emphasize the volume at this floor height. The wooden surface of the pivot door was repeated on the entrance façade and transformed into a geometric grid game.The roof on the entrance façade is extended as a console and an effect is designed to welcome the visitors. In one corner of the garden, the house has its own gym and open kitchen area.

Plot area: 2000 sqm
Selim Senin
Cemil Pamukcu
Isinsu Sopaoglu
Kubra Mutlu
Bahattin Kahraman