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2015 Eurasian Prize Winners and Awarding Ceremony

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Architecture Communal: Architectural Concept for the Atomic Energy Pavilion on the territory of the Exhibition of achievements of national economy (OJSV VDNH) by Trofimovs Studio and DB-Arch.

all images courtesy of 2015 Eurasian Prize

The Eurasian Prize is an annual international contest established in 2002. Its objective is to fulfill potential of modern urban development as a complex set of social, economical, constructional, technical, artistic and hygienic solutions aiming to create and improve comfortable and harmonious environment for individuals and society. Local and foreign architects, designers, technologists, developers, design offices, manufacturing plants, construction companies, developers, design studios and workshops, the students and teachers of architectural, design and construction universities and faculties were invited to take part.

In the season 2013/2014 the Eurasian Prize is awarded in the following categories and nominations: Architecture and Urbanism, Design, Industrial Design. In this year, the Eurasian Prize has selected many winners from sub-categories like Architecture-Urbanism, Architecture-Residential, Architecture-Communal, Desin-Living Interior, Design-Public Interior, Design-Landscaping, Industrial -Design Household, Industrial-Design Transportation, Industrial-Design Urban Environment. 

Architecture Communal Prizes

Architecture Communal: Movie and Concert Hall, Pensa by MART Architects. 

Architecture Communal: Contemporary Art and Drama Theatre, Baku by Mamedov + Partners

Architecture: Urbanism 

Architecture -Urbanism: Planning Project for Development Territory, Ryazan by A-Studio

Architecture Residential Prizes

Architecture Residential: Administrative and Residential Compound, St. Petersburg by Gerasimov and Partners

Architecture Residential: Artists Quarter Residential Compound, Yekaterinburg by In.FORM

Architecture Residential: The House of the Rising Sun Villa by Buslaev Architects

Design Living Interior Prizes

Design Living Interior: De Lux Home, Yekaterinburg by Batenkoff

Design Living Interior: The House of The Rising Sun Villa Interior by Buslaev Architects

Design Living Interior: Eco Modern by U-Style

Design Living Interior: Intelligent Minimal, Yekaterinburg by Sergey Mansurov

Design Public Interior Prizes

Design Public Interior: Soluxe Club Restaurant, Moscow by AVAN

Design Public Interior: Chalet Hall Interior by Alexey Afanasyev

Design Public Interior: Wood Room Bar, Kirov by SETUS

Design Public Interior: Bourbon by ARTevrika

Design Landscaping Prizes

Design Landscaping: Village Garden, Chernousovo by Art of Landscape

Design Landscaping: Square Redevelopment Project, Izhevsk by Gorod-Sad

Industrial Design Household Prize

Industrial Design Household: Matryoshka Sound Speaker by Alexey Chakhunashvili

Industrial Design Transportation Prize

Industrial Design Transportation: Volgar Towing Vehicle by Sergey Dubrovin

Industrial Design Urban Environment Prizes

Industrial Design Urban Environment: Symbol of Yekaterinburg Monument by Igor Ibragimov

The long awaited Eurasian Prize 2015 Awarding Ceremony took place on 7th July in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Just as in previous 12 years, well-known representatives of the world of architecture and design attended the event to celebrate the best of the best according to the Eurasian Prize 2015 jury. 

The Ceremony took place at the Architecture Museum of Yekaterinburg, serving also as headquarters for the Ural Centre for Design Development. Students were the first to receive their awards from the top professionals. Architecture Awards were presented by Timur Abdulayev, the chief architect of Yekaterinburg city. The winners came from Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Ryazan and Yekaterinburg.

Student awardees for Design also came from different parts of Russia, ranging from Rostov-on-Don in the South of the country to Knanty-Mansiysk in the North. The Awards were handed by Jasmina Kaluderovic, co-founder of the Italian design studio DNA and professor of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts LABA, who was also a judge for the Eurasian Prize 2015 competition program.

The Ural State Academy of Art and Architecture was presented with the special award as the most successful high school at the competition. Its students won most of the awards in the student category. Professional architects received their awards from Hervé Dessimoz, head of Groupe H Swiss architecture company and judge for the Eurasian Prize 2015. Competitors from Russia and Germany showed best results in Architecture nomination.

Alessandro Condini, co-founder of the Italian design studio DNA and professor of Materials Technology  at the Academy of Fine Arts LABA handed awards to professional designers. First prize in three of four categories was granted to designers from Yekaterinburg, other winners came from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Kirov and other cities in different parts of Russia.

Galina Bukova, head of the Eurasian Prize Organizing Committee thanked all the winners for taking part in the competition and invited architects and designers to compete next year with new projects. The Eurasian Prize’s next season starts in Autumn, 2015.

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