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Saskia Sassen and Mimi Hoang are speaking at reSITE Small Talks Series

Czech Republic - Sep 14, 2016 - 17:56   7772 views

We continue to release new videos of reSITE Small Talks Series with new speakers! Prof. Saskia Sassen, urban sociologist, professor, Columbia University, London School of Economics, and Mimi Hoang, co-founding principal of nArchitects, are the new guests of reSITE Exclusive Interview Series this week. reSITE released 'Small Talks' series last week, featuring exclusive interviews with global thought leaders and architects on architecture, culture and cities. 

reSITE hosted a prestigious event in June with the theme of 'Cities in Migration' and hosted dozens of experts and keynote speakers through its diverse conference program as well as a variety of side events for the general public – salon discussions, workshops, a bike ride, and a party. All took place alongside a 2-day international conference.

reSITE, in collaboration with Canal 180, introduces very short interviews packed with inspiration and good vibe and reSITE shares global experts’ network knowledge, ideas and stories with all city lovers and city makers.

Urban sociologist, professor, Columbia University, London School of Economics, New York, USA. Video by Canal 180.

Professor Saskia Sassen is world's renowned urban sociologist and professor at Columbia University in New York City. She introduced the term of "global city" in her work "The Global City: New York, London, Tokyo" published in 1991. She speaks from Prague's Vltava river bank about today's phenomenon of migration into cities.

"Big cities has always had this influx of people. Small and medium sized cities lack this openness. Cosmopolitism often begins with very thick local culture brought in by migrants."

"The US has had a tradition of immigration. But they have a very distinctive manner which is: You want to come? You're welcome. But you're on your own. Now there are issues that are emerging and one of the presidential candidates, Trump, is activating immigrants haterhood."

"Today when you live in a village, you can develop an urban imaginary, because so much of the television and news are about cities. Everybody knows a bit about the city."

"London is a very good model of city: huge city with many little centers. It has 22 boroughs and each of them has a main street, shops, so that people feel like in a neighborhood inside this huge city. For most cities it's too late to do that but I hope there is more we can do in decentralizing."

"reSITE in Prague is really wonderful because it's bringing in so many different perspectives to what is a major challenge for Europe. Almost all of the European countries are struggling with migration."


Co-founding Principal, nArchitects, New York, USA. Video by Canal 180

In the 4-min video, Mimi Hoang talks about architecture, cities, public space, private space, affordable housing, apartments, interior design and layout. She explains her project about microunit apartments, a new, novel and sustainable way live alone or with a small family in big cities like New York City. Microunits are small apartments for small families. They are efficient and cost effective.

Mimi and her partner, Eric Bunge, run the exciting architecture studio and firm called nArchitects in Brooklyn, New York. They have worked on major buildings and public spaces such as the Chicago Navy Pier.

Read World Architecture Community's interviews with Saskia Sassen and Mimi Hoang during the event. 

World Architecture Community will release two new videos each week with the new speakers from the event.

Stay tuned for these exclusive videos and enjoy!

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