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A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture LA invites all artists to Holiday Lodge Motel on May 14

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A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture (One-Night Stand LA) - an event and publication project by a group of emerging architects and artists from Los Angeles exploring different forms of media, but also new possibilities for architectural strategies of subversion. One-Night Stand is a single encounter without expectations of further exposure or presence of its participants. Further relations may be explored; memories may be written but nothing is carried to tomorrow. One-Night Stand LA returns to banality once the night is over. 

The stability, the safety of the norm is returned. They provoke you with a taste. This one-night, this one moment allows our vices, our desires and our minds to tease, penetrate and release. Critics may come to call the idea as “mental arousal and release without emotional commitment or future involvement”.

One Night Stand - LA was founded by William HuRyan Tyler Martinez and Anthony MoreyThe show was conceived as a format for artist, architects and all variations in-between to explore vices, provocations, tendencies or questions that kept them awake at night. The tension of the responsibilities of life, and the explorations of dreams came to fruition through the manifestations of the ideas that occupied the rooms.

2016 Curators are Duygun InalDebbie Garcia and Jonathan Crisman. 2016 participants are; Alfie Koetter & Emmett Zeifman, Andrew Kovacs, Casey Rehm & Familiar Primitives, Christine Bjerke, Curime Batliner & Julieta Gil, Devin Gharakhanian, Eastbridge Studio, Hans Koesters, Happy Hour Agency, House of Style, James Leng, Jennifer Bonner & Volkan Alkanoglu, JuneJuly, Kyle Miller, Laida Aguirre, Mark Ericson, Mary Franck & Jason Araujo Rachael McCall, Reimaging, Sophie Lauriault, Weather Projects. 

The second annual, A One-Night Stand for Art & Architecture will take place at the Holiday Lodge Motel in Los Angeles, CA on May 14, 2016.

All images courtesy of Ryan Tyler Martinez 

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