Designology is an international real estate design and development company with a base in Miami, FL. Work ranges from residential and commercial projects to design-build endeavors, interiors and furniture. The firm has been honored with national and international real estate and architecture awards, and the work has been featured in publications around the world.

As a design intensive office, Designology is interested in exploring the spatial and lighting qualities in architecture that move or affect one emotionally. Looking at those ingredients that create “chemistry of space”, the firm is always thinking about how buildings make one feel; what history and memory bring to a place; the importance of light; the clarity of structure; the honesty of materials. This is the common thread that links all projects together.

The founder, Ezgi Fitos is a multi-award winning international architect and developer with 20 years of professional experience in design, development and marketing of multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings and high-end single-family homes. is a hybrid professional who has combined architectural practice with all aspects of project development including international marketing & sales operations and management and has accomplished projects in Turkey, Italy and the USA.

DESIGNOLOGY and EZGI FITOS ARCHITECTS was honored in London, UK at the International Property Awards with two prestigious awards for their project CASA POMPEI in Miami “Best Architecture-Single Residence, Florida” and ”Best Residential Property, USA”.

Ezgi was the founding partner of Botam Qualitas, a leading developer on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. She formed a joint venture with Botam Construction Group and Qualitas was born to develop unique residential and touristic projects along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey for a discerning international, predominantly European clientele. The young company has delivered two award-winning landmark projects and became the market leader in less than 3 years of operation.

Sustainable architecture uses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the design of the built environment.

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that seeks to connect building occupants more closely to nature. Biophilic designed buildings incorporate things like natural lighting and ventilation, natural landscape features and other elements for creating a more productive and healthy built environment for people.

"Our architecture celebrates conceptually bold design, deliberate eloquence, graceful simplicity in order to better our collective experiences of space and place-making. Sustainability and biophilic design is at the core of each authentic concept developed. We solve rigorous design problems, driven by our guiding principle that architecture can transform lives. The studio is known for two things: our preference for social and humane architecture, and iconic projects that benefit from our sustainable technical strategies and extensive knowledge of materials.

Rooted in our multidisciplinary background, we seek to blur the boundaries between building and nature through our hallmark approach of integrating light as a unifying theme. Each design opportunity is informed by previous projects and expertise, which allows us the latitude to conduct new research, challenge traditional expectations, and ask bigger questions in order to build inspired and spirited architecture.

We nimbly navigate each step of the building’s design and execution: from the conceptual framework uniquely inspired by each client, to thoughtful, agile and tenacious project management, through to the final construction. The results are distinct, evocative, sustainable and enduring buildings, customized for a range of collaborative experiences that address each client’s particular needs."



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