I have been dedicated to textile art since I was young. The first part of my career started at the design school of INBAL, and I graduated as a textile designer from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

In 2005, I joined the textile company Maharam in Mexico, which opened my eyes to a new world. Different designers and factories worldwide began a revolution to create textiles that combined technology, design, beauty, and functionality, turning them into tools for interior design. I consider myself one of the pioneers in the Contract world in Mexico.

Textile designer? Interior designer? My work encompasses a bit of all these disciplines, but I define myself as a textile artist. In addition to functionality, my craft has a strong artistic element.

As a skilled artist-artisan, I have a special sensitivity towards the materials I work with, appreciating fabrics with all my senses: touch, scent, visual effect, and their function in spaces.

Currently, with over 20 years of passion for interior design and a strong specialization in FF&E, I have my own design studio where I create textiles, furniture, tapestries, and complete projects. I also collaborate with prominent architecture firms in the hospitality field, providing consultancy services.

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Interior Design
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