House 186 is a daily-use residence that draws inspiration from its surroundings. Located in the beautiful state of Cancun, Quintana Roo, the house is situated within the Puerto Cancun residential area, at sea level, with the backdrop of the canals of Puerto Cancun and the turquoise sea. Designed by Aaron Cappon Architect, this house features clean lines and honest materials. Its visual and spatial characteristics come together to create a sense of openness and transparency that allows its inhabitants to connect with nature.

The design employs simple geometry and spacious open areas to reimagine a pavilion-style house that responds to the climate and site conditions. The house is conceived as an introspective sanctuary for a family that loves spending time together as well as hosting their loved ones. The design achieves a balance between natural and built spaces.

Solid and neutral colors on the exterior serve as a prelude to the warm tones of green, gray, and black that decorate the interiors. The living room and bedrooms are designed with all the comforts that good design can offer. The contemporary furniture with an Italian style is crafted from walnut wood, with accents of metal and high-design textiles. Full-height windows and high ceilings fill the house with natural light while minimizing heat gain and promoting cross ventilation. Each bathroom features ample dressing areas and all the amenities.

Black marble floors and concrete walls are accompanied by tapestries, accentuating different spaces. The selection of textiles was crucial in providing warmth and transforming each area of this residence into cozy atmospheres. The furniture was specially designed to fit the dimensions of the space.



Site Area (sq m): 1306
Built-Up Area (sq m):1644

Photographer :Wacho Espinosa

House 186|

Furniture: Indoor: Somma
Furniture: Outdoor:
Lighting: True Light
wallcovering and fabrics: Por Varios Motivos

Architect:Aaron Cappon
Interior Design: :Nyra Troyce
Design Team: Adriana Blanco


wacho espinosa