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"How Will New Technologies Shape the Future of the Architecture?" discuss architects

Ukraine Architecture News - Oct 04, 2018 - 07:02   16695 views

Architecture of the Future Conference hold a triggering discussion panel, moderated by Riyad Joucka, Founder, Architect at MEAN* Middle East Architecture Network and curator of the conference. The conference is bringing together authorities, architects, engineers, developers, media to discuss the "architecture of the future trends" in Kyiv between October 4-5, 2018 Ukraine for the first time. 

The panel, titled "How Will New Technologies Shape the Future of the Architecture?", explored the emerging trends that shape the future of the architecture. The panel, including Filippo Lodi, Khaled Elashry, Federico Rossi, Yurii Kaygorodtsev and Riyad Joucka, took a closer at the recent digital tools in design processes and architecture to understand how a human being creative mind is being shaped and evolved in a different way.  

The architects, particularly, asked that "how architects use the digital tools in their projects and what is the difference between cognitive minds and the autonomous systems in the production."

"Digital tools don't have to be software tools, as architects, we should create our own tools or systems to make a systemic workflow or design process," they added. "Using more tools doesn't mean that you will design a good thing in the end, if you use more digital tools, you can also loose the language of design as well," they continued. 

"It's important what wee need or what want to do in the end." "Digital tools, or new softwares are a new mindset, but it's important how to use them," they explained. 

"We extended ourselves with new technology and but you have just an idea and you develop your own system," said Filippo Lodi, Head of Innovation and Knowledge Management at UNStudio and UNSense. 

The panel also discusses the tech-oriented architecture firms, investing high technology in their projects or in studio.

"How can a technology company build a building", asked Filippo Lodi. "When we look at the tech companies in the world, there are a few architects working in the company." 

People started to invest these high-tech companies, or technology itself, so in this sense, business or investing a business is shifting radically, according to the architects. 

Robots should be developed specifically for the construction sites

Khaled Elashry also evaluated the development of "robots" in construction sites. They stated that "manufacturing is very saturated field and when we come come in to the real architectural construction, we are moving very slowly."

"In the near future, robots can solve the problems and be used in construction sites, but they are based on a repeating operation. They are still limited. Robots should be developed specifically or the construction sites."

"They should be developed to use them to employ different types of situations," added Elashry. "Robots could be a game changer for the future but they are very limited," he added.

In addition to these, the panel briefly touched upon the optimization process in architecture. "We should experiment all sciences," added the architects. "We should learn how to develop them, how to make them efficient, and use in the very earlier stages so that we can reduce the budget."

"90% of architectural works are regenerated and optimized according to demands or other sub-parameters, so not every work stay in original in the end."

World Architecture Community is official Media Partner of the conference and will be bringing you the hottest topics, key discussions and keynote sessions from the two-day event.

Curated by Riyad Joucka, Founder/Architect MEAN* Middle East Architectural Network, United Arab Emirates, the conference is seeking to change the city through the development of advanced technologies and the creation of iconic projects with key speakers and leaders, including Jan Knikker, Partner at MVRDV, Andreas Klok Pedersen, Partner at BIG, Julian Weyer, Owner of C.F. Moller Architects, Lukasz Platkowski, Principal, Design Director at Gensler, Harry Ibbs,Head of BIM at Zaha Hadid Architects and many more. 

The main goal of the conference is to create a platform that develops new technologies in architecture and construction. The panel discussed the roles of the architects in the future.

The conference will being shaped around six major topics: How VR/AR/AI are changing present and future of the architecture, 3D printing as a new shape for architecture, Zero energy architecture, Smart city as new platform for living, the sustainable strategies for the cities development, Mega projects, supertalls and new cities within the existing cities. 

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