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These concrete planter boxes filled with edible plants to apply passive design strategies by Formzero

Malaysia - Dec 24, 2018 - 05:45   1784 views

Kuala Lumpur-based architecture firm Formzero has completed a new multi-storey residential block in the existing neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur. 

The three-storey house is entirely comprised of a series of concrete planter boxes filled with edible plants to apply passive design strategies, to celebrate sustainable living lifestyle and to grow food for self-sufficiency. 

Video courtesy of Formzero

Dubbed Planter Box House, the apartment is situated on a narrow plot between the two existing low-rise houses and elongated towards the front facade with greenery boxes and open terraces. 

With multiple passive design strategies, the architects wanted to create a low energy house, the house is covered by more than 40 types of edible plants. 

"These plants are grown in concrete planter boxes which serve as both stormwater retention and irrigation reservoir, are also seen as an urban landscape," said the architects. 

In the interior, the architects designed an open-plan layout to fill the units with daylight as much as possible. By using floor-to-ceiling windows, the floors are opened up to the terraces with full of greenery.

In the Planter Box House, the architects reinterpret the "traditional tropical houses" in a new way of living, by highlighting with more light, open space and living with plants. 

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