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Henning Larsen Architects releases New Images For Striped Spa Hotel in the Georgian Mountains

Georgia - Aug 10, 2018 - 07:12   3710 views

Henning Larsen Architects has released new images for a luxury spa hotel in the Georgian mountains, which explores the three main elements from the natural geography: the mountain, the forest and the sky.

As the construction started on site this summer, the newly-released images show that the new luxury spa hotel will be invisible in the natural landscape of the southern slopes of the Lesser Caucasus with its stripped volumes and rainforest-coloured-palette. 

Called Agobili Hotel, the project is comprised of a series of irregularly-rotated volumes which are raised above a stone-covered base to become a part of the natural topography. Above the stone base, the hotel volumes houses 135 rooms - ranging from queen-sized rooms of 28-square-metre to presidential suites of 78 square meters - with other amenities and public functions. 

Encompassing a total of 25,000-square-metre area, the design take cues from the Abastumani's spa facilities date back to the 19th century. Described as a "luxurious hideaway in the Georgian mountains" by the studio, the hotel complex provides a poetic scene overlooking the lush rainsforest in Abastumani. 

"The Abastumani spa was famous as a place of physical and mental rejuvenation not only for the Tsar family but many health tourists," said Henning Larsen Architects. 

"Comfortable temperatures in summer, breathtaking snow-covered landscapes in winter and the overall moderate climate of the Otskhe River Valley offer the ideal environment for wellness, refuge, and renewal."

Interpreting this heritage in a different way, the studio now fosters a new vision of health and natural connection by proposing more porous building to engage with the nature directly. 

"The building concept visualizes the three main elements - the mountain, the forest and the sky. Together with the local heritage, the building design aims to create a story about the magnificent place it inhabits," added the studio.

All private rooms are wrapped by timber cubes and stripped elements, creating a double façade from outside. Floor-to-ceiling windows for public spaces provides an amazing view to the natural aura. 

"The combination of honoring history and nature at the same time is very important for the region. And, for Georgia as a whole, the hotel sets new standards for the tourism economy," said Werner Frosch, Partner at Henning Larsen and Managing Director at the Munich office.

"We are proud to realize this design, which will give tourists a truly unique experience and make them curious to go exploring the country further," Frosch added. 

For the interior, the architect choose natural and warm color palette, comprised of natural dark stone and wood colored walls in the private rooms. At its corner, visitors are invited to discover different spaces at different levels: the hotel rooms, the spa or the conference area and the restaurants.

With carefully-chosen materials and details, the studio aims to follow a specific sustainability strategy, reducing costs of maintenance and providing maximum efficiency. Commissioned by the Real Estate Asset and investment management company Redix, Henning Larsen will work with landscape architects ManMadeLand, spa specialist Elmar Nagele and local architect DMark on the project.

Construction of the Agobili Hotel started this summer and is expected to open in 2020. Henning Larsen Architects won an international competition to design a new spa hotel in 2011.

All images © Henning Larsen Architects

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