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How Airbnb changed the way we look at “housing” explains Anita Roth at reSITE’s ACCOMMODATE

Czech Republic - Jun 15, 2018 - 06:34   3704 views

reSITE’s third lecture has continued with Anita Roth on different segments and ways of housing, explaining that how Airbnb transformed the ways we look, feel, and uses of housing in cities around the world in a networked era. 

Anita Roth, Head of Policy Research at Airbnb, emphasized some specific issues on flexibility for housing, which will be able to serve better for cities and homeowners in an ever-connected society.

reSITE’s this year’s theme is ACCOMMODATE, focusing on the future of housing, affordable living and innovation for new housing models across many cities. The 2018 reSITE Conference is held on June 14–15, 2018 at Prague’s Forum Karlin. 

In a 10-min lecture, Roth explained how new digital era transforms cities and what are the impacts of Airbnb on housing? Roth also answered the specific question on why do so many people rent their homes to somebody else?

According to Roth, 70-80% of hosts share their homes through Airbnb, and they spend their 46% of income on regular expenses and housing costs. She also added that 53% of hosts, relied on Airbnb income, prefer to stay in their homes.

Roth also emphasised that 80% of guests using Airbnb explores a specific neighbourhood, and 86% of guests using Airbnb live "like a local citizen."

Roth evaluated some statistics about Prague, she also showed that 1.8% of users of Airbnb booked "entire home" in the city and the same statistics showed that 1 million guests visited Pague via Airbnb in 2017, while 108% of them was ranked in Y-o-y growth on guests who traveled to areas outside Pargue. Only 7% of them was domestic Airbnb guests in Prague. 

Anita Roth is a city planner whose work focuses on planning, policy, and economic development. She is working as the Head of Policy Research at Airbnb, a global home-sharing company based in USA.

Anita leads a team of data scientists who evaluate the impacts and benefits of regulation and Airbnb's business model in cities around the world.

Earlier last year, Airbnb had started a “free-housing” policy for refugees and ''anyone not allowed in the US'' after Donald Trump signed an executive order categorically banning Syrian refugees, and temporarily blocking refugees and citizens from seven Muslim majority countries—including permanent US residents.

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