DESIGN INTENT: This monument is to commemorate the 152 souls that departed to the heavens from the space between earth and sky.
Architecture is a language of geometry and numbers; all masses in this design statement are floating above the ground and all lines lead towards the sky. The geometry of the design is derived from the number 152, its sum 8 and minimum divisible number 19 which is considered to be a mystical Quranic number.



Main court will be achieved through ‘cut and fill’ method on a hilly site. Suggested materials are mostly indigenous and construction technique is easy to manage locally.
The tensile structure covering the court is derived from the shape of a flying plane, which is the only material which will come from abroad. This structure is designed to withstand 150km/ hour wind speed.

NUHA studio members

Space 152 by nadeem ul hasan in Pakistan won the WA Award Cycle 14. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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