The search for purpose has always been the fundamental aspect of the Human Spirit. The is then the universal reason. All the works of human heads and hands are the answers to those demands.
XXI century is the time of rapid, monumental changes and development, but also the time of serious risks and problems humanity has to deal with.
In these fascinating and unpredictable era it is definitely not enough to satisfy the demand of today, to design and create considering present functions and behaviors. Present design, especially architectural, to endure and stay functional must consider . The capabilities of the buildings must keep up with the pace our lives and changing of our habits and needs.


Warsaw the capital of Poland is the city with 2,5mln inhabitants. The city after World War II was totally destroyed, with hardly any remains of the historic legacy dating back to XIV century. To this day the city has absolutely inefficient road system, no ringroad, only one subway line, no waste water treatment plant, and worse of all no vision for urban design, especially when high rise buildings are concerned. For the last 70 years the city has been chaotically recreated and reurbanized with a heroic effort but hardly any master planning.


The idea is to create the new landmark, the new symbol, the new experimental skyscraper, designed exclusively for Warsaw to adapt to the needs of today and tomorrow. It is supposed to be the first of collection of FUNCTION MIXER skyscrapers located in different cities across Poland, Europe or World in general.
Because of poor road system the edifice is located on the Vistula River. Like in medieval times, the river in the project is considered as the most efficient way of connecting the building with the rest of the city and the rest of the country. The river serves as a highway, a hydroplane airport lane a road for water taxis. Aditionally the building is connected to the city with a highway system with a central roundabout, and under the river with a subway system.
The building is designed as and arcology like structure, almost self sufficient habitat. To withstand the changing needs of the future inhabitants, it assures virtually endless accommodation possibilities. The idea is to crate self upgrading, self reproducing system, where serve as the basic cells of a tissue, and horizontal plazas play the role of the bloodsystem are the organs of the “creature” and the allows the constant variability. The megafuncion units as well as the habitat modules are to be repositioned, spatially reorganized, recreated in order to assure maximum efficiency of the system.
The self supporting structures of megafunction units (like modules factory, wastewater treatment plant, water pumps and filters, biomass power plant emitting only water steam, cinema, theatre, swimming pool, church, markets, museums and so on) are attached to the primary structure with the help of biosteel (artificial spiders’ web) cords.
The small habitat modules are the “pixels” filling the rigid grid located on the south – west facade. The habitat modules could be as well placed on the plot of ground allowing the owner to live not only in habitat tissue in Warsaw, or any other city with FINCTION MIXER scyscraper, but outside of the city as well. Each module is equipped with stand alone greenhouse, improving quality of air and humidity within the module
The primary structure acts as an. It is built of permanently circulating inside, becoming an enormous radiator used as a part of hyper efficient, allowing cooling or heating the interior of the edifice.
the environment imprint:
Due to recycling process, the efficient water treatment, the heat pump heating system with natural air conditioning system and photosynthesizing glass facade (agues on the north facade, as well as the organic waste used as a fuel in biomass power plant), the building should have no negative environmental imprint.


floorplans: approx. 600 000m2

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