"A campus as a pioneer in energy self-sufficiency with digital framework."

Our campus reflects the foundational values of Industry 5.0 as a continuously evolving and self- renewing system. It is envisioned as a student-centric center leading the way in future technological transformations. It will evolve continuously with a human-centric approach, utilizing technology to enhance the quality of human life.

Mission is to bring to life the human-centric production approach brought by Industry 5.0 within our campus. We aspire to create an education and innovation platform that continually evolves, bringing together advanced technology and human skills, generating solutions that add value to society and industry. This vision and mission emphasize the importance of being a continuously evolving system, embracing the principles of Industry 5.0, showcasing the distinctiveness of our campus in contrast to Industry 4.0.

Industry 5.0 addresses concepts such as human-robot collaboration and human-centric production. While Industry 4.0 is a process primarily focused on technology, Industry 5.0 highlights the collaboration between humans and technology. This model encourages the combined utilization of human skills and robotic systems in industrial production.

Our target is to establish our campus as a dynamic and progressive ecosystem, embodying the core principles of Industry 5.0. We aim to surpass the benchmarks set by Industry 4.0 by prioritizing human-centric values and fostering mutually beneficial relationships between humans and robotics within our educational and manufacturing framework.
Technology and Human Integration: To ensure the integration of rapidly advancing technologies working alongside humans in the construction process.
Continuous Renewal: To ensure the project is constantly evolving in line with the principles of Industry 5.0.
Focus on Education and Innovation: To establish an environment within the campus that centralizes education and innovation.
Adding Value to Society: To develop solutions that add value to both society and industry.

Incorporating the impact of Industrial 5.0 on urban planning presented a significant challenge, given its novelty. Our goal was not only to offer design and content suggestions but also to integrate the latest technological advancements into our development process. Utilizing various computer programs, from concept generation to visualization, we ensured a meticulous approach to our project, rooted in detailed research and analysis.


The concept's primary focus lies on introducing systems that facilitate energy production. Aims are to the synergy between energy and sustainability. Kinetic pavement, nature corridors, and biomass resources are highlighted as energy sources, while solar panels are depicted both on structures and as lighting sources along pathways. From the main pedestrian walkway serves to showcase the concept of energy storage. For sustainability considerations, recommendations such as parable surface solutions for rainy climates like Aachen and green roof proposals for buildings are presented.
We embarked on an extensive research journey, utilizing various programs not only to create data but also to thoroughly validate and refine our design. Particularly, we employed ArcMap GIS to prepare maps and conducted analyses of solar potential on the site by using Grasshopper models. The project's motto is to harness modern technologies and turn them into beneficial assets.

Designer Team:
Elif Ertemiz
Chen Qian

Prof. Dipl. -Ing. Christa Reicher
Prof. Dr. Jakob Beetze
Dr. Ir. Ceren Sezer

Campus 5.0// Energy by Elif Ertemiz in Germany won the WA Award Cycle 47. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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