The Nest by Sonara is located in the heart of the Margham desert, blending innovative design with eco-friendly ideals. This off-the-grid retreat blends with its natural surroundings while offering comfort and luxury.
The design concept was inspired by the desert dunes mimicking the landscape aiming to be hidden from afar. Each of the 14 nests is meticulously crafted to minimize environmental impact, featuring a circular layout blending with the natural contours of the desert terrain. Built on raised platforms, these nests employ a combination of sustainable materials, with fabric stretched over steel frame structures, akin to tensile architecture, ensuring minimal disturbance to the ecosystem.
Reinforced by steel framing and tensile structure, the nests' roofs, with their organic curvature, blend into the desert's topography while serving as efficient rainwater harvesting systems. Inside the nests, custom-designed furnishings optimize space while strategically positioned front windows allow natural light to merge indoor and outdoor spaces for enhanced functionality and comfort.
Ensuite bathrooms, decorated with locally sourced stone and ceramic finishes, offer a luxurious retreat, incorporating innovative water-saving technologies. Outdoor majlises, complete with fire pits, provide an ideal setting for guests to immerse themselves in the desert's tranquility, fostering connections with nature under the starlit sky.
The Nest achieves a harmonious fusion of sustainable design and contemporary luxury, epitomizing an unparalleled retreat experience amidst Dubai's desert wilderness.



Number of Nests: 14 circular nests
Environmental Impact: Designed to minimize disturbance to the ecosystem
Solar energy harvesting: Photovoltaic solar panels
Rainwater Harvesting: Organic curvature roofs designed to efficiently collect rainwater
Construction Material: Steel frame structures with fabric stretched over, resembling tensile architecture
Bathroom Features: Locally sourced stone and ceramic finishes, incorporating water-saving technologies
Outdoor Facilities: Majlises are equipped with fire pits for outdoor gatherings
Accessibility: 30-minute drive from Dubai, with shuttle transportation options available from Sonara Camp
Activities: Range from camel rides and falconry to sandboarding and hot air balloon rides, catering to diverse interests

Design Principle and Project Architect: Gianni Ranaulo, Gianni Ranaulo Design
Client: Sonara Camp Resorts

The Nest by Sonara by Gianni Ranaulo Design in United Arab Emirates won the WA Award Cycle 47. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Photography credit by Nara