There was the need for the place, a bar and restaurant location, to be, at the same time, a flexible space and an easily recognizable site reflecting a precise, strong and unique image.

These inputs generated the concept of the project: one “consistent and closed in itself” structure at the same time articulated in order to satisfy the different and flexible functions.

It was designed a unique “structure/sculpture” wrapping the entire space and defining the different areas, shaped as a fluid and multifunctional form.
This “sculpture” was treated in a consistent and “minimal” way for the forms and the surfaces it was defining, in order to underline the impact of the message through its synthesis.
The creation of the volume/sculpture is the result of experimental studies through 3 dimensional digital models and physical models that leaded the design process.

The “sculpture” defines the functions though its physical path: a double high big room, facing an open public plaza.
The “sculpture” is generated in a precise point and arrives, through a 3 dimensional path, to another and final point.
Starting from the register volume... it deeps into the floor and rises to generate the bar counter… from here it rises more to create the restaurant mezzanine… finally going down designing a long cocktails table.
The whole structure wraps the space without solution of continuity, hanging itself to the columns and never touching the perimeter of the space.

The materials used belongs to the industrial and urban contemporary environment: steel, concrete, glass, metalized paint, plexiglas.
Furniture was designed to fit the minimal design approach to the space.

The coordinated image of a_mi bar was studied in order to be in tune with its architecture, using minimal graphic elements and reflecting the chromatics of the project.