History has developed a certain kind of architecture, throughout the world known as “Islamic architecture”. Inspired by the patterns of Islamic architecture the eight sided octagon which develops into a star was the base of the plan.
• The form of the building was further extension of the above defined plan. The crisscrossing arches complete the form of the star in the plan, also redefining a smaller octagon in the center which then gives rise to the low dome on the top.
• The internal spaces are designed as such to give a flamboyant character to the overall space. Therefore the mezzanine floor is then connected by bridge in the center to provide un-obstructive view upon entering the main hall.
• The plan of the main hall and courtyard are designed on symmetrical axis, which is also an important part of Islamic architecture.
• Features like water around the main hall, hanging lights from the dome in the internal space etc also add to the ambiance of the whole space.



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