A new hypothesis for the Pier of Lamezia Terme - Scenario
The project idea is very simple:
1_the existing structure is deprived of every steel superstructure {railings, tubes, etc.} and laid bare to the base reinforced concrete;
2_afterwards big sized stones are tightly laid together under and close by the pier in order to cover it completely, just leaving the top pathway clear {in cases like this the laying is made through equipped common lighters for marine works};
3_the pathway is then coated with red coloured anti-skid industrial resin;
4_the shape of the new cliff does not follow the exact pier line, but draws a new profile on the water surface;
5_in two - three years time a new habitat will grow with a marine vegetation of shallow water, micro-organisms, molluscs, small fish, etc;
6_on this rebuilt natural structure – thanks to some civic sense and in the respect of environmental cleanliness and care – events of various kind could be set: temporary art preparations, fleeting structures {an example is given in the project image using steel and fabric petals}, parties and meetings, debates and presentations, film showings and so on.