Adopting community participation as an approach in this project to know the most important problems facing them through communication of the many agencies, groups and active persons in the region, the concept of the project adopted on three main axes:
1 - Support links: the development of existing links, such as Al mazlkan crossing and working on new connections, such as a bridge for pedestrians between Abdo Khattab street and Syria Street and around each link a range of services and activities stimulating of commercial activities and links all of them with open areas
2 - fill the gap in services: the provision of basic services such as health services, security services and the development of the youth center and processing of a range of positions with the different means of transport of microbuses and tuk tuk
3 - the exploitation of the occupied space: Work under the framework of anti-urban clusters and the right of open spaces and green areas. the site provides a great opportunity for that



Development and exploitation of the area from 26th July axis to Gamet Al dewall – Bulaq bridge Graduation Project (faculty of Engineering - Cairo University) July 2011:

Hanaa Gad Mahmoud


hamdy reda