Municipality Building of Akhisar has an important role in the urban modernisation.
Located in the entrance of the city, the building embraces and wellcomes people. Respecting the urban memory, the the designers traced the moving habits of citizens and realised that they are still moving through a path which does not exist anymore in the proper form of a road. This path they use , showed the direct link towards main plaza so the design intention eas to regenerate this link by reserving the pedestrian road through the building. This regenerated pedestrian walkway also serves an important role to build a strong connection between people and the building. Exhibition space is located in close connection to this ling and municipality plaza.
The offices are designed in such a way that they are easily reached, flexible and consistent with climate. They view the inner green courtyards.
The head of municipality has access to the speech terrace which is also the roof of the elliptical coucil unit. The view from this place and from the terrace cafe, embraces the whole city plaza.
This building is selected among Turkeys best buildings of 2009 by Arkiv.



11000m2, Concrete structure
4 levels

Mahir Ünal,
Erguvan Özgür Ünal