This mosque is a place of worship where Muslims gather for common prayers.

The architectural ensemble is surrounded by a minaret, the mosque is more than a place of worship; It serves as a social institution, it serves also as a meeting place and Exchange social

Nevertheless, it is a mosque which is located in an area which is not heavily populated, it leads people to closer their homes and businesses of it. Thus, this place of worship is a focal point of local communities.

This mosque serves not only to daily worship, but also it constitutes religious space where the faithful gather for Friday prayers. Features of this mosque are specifically simple. They are derived from the vernacular architecture of the region of North Africa



The designed plan is based on a more or less mythical model: the House of the Prophet. The Arab plan or hypostyle plan, is a rectangular plan which consists of a prayer space columned, the naves are directed perpendicular to the qibla.

ghomriani mourad architect- tunisia
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