The twin duplex is a privet residence for two brothers who had the same requirement for their houses and decided to build two integrated duplex. The site is located at Narayongonj district under Dhaka divition. It is adjacent to the river Shitalakshya river. It is in a mixed lad use zone of just outside of the main city. With two integrated duplex, the house also have an office and shipping oil station at ground floor.
The site is blocked from the east side by a large cold storage, there is a mosque on the south side, west and south side of the site is not blocked yet, but soon there will be other residential buildings on these sides. So it is basically a site blocked from almost every side with a narrow open space looking to the river.
For all those reason, a court yard house was thought to be the best solution which will help natural ventilation and also create internal view for the house dwellers.
The area is flood porn, so to protect the dwellers all the living spaces was raised 15’ high above the ground leaving only office and garage at ground floor.


Almost 50% space was kept free,total area of the site is 6450 sft and built area is 2900 sft. Most of the existing trees were kept intact. Jali was used at front façade to ensure privacy.

Kh. Tariqul Islam
Ruksana afroz
Udoy shankar datta

TWIN DUPLEX AT NARAYONGONJ by Khandoker Tariqul Islam in Bangladesh won the WA Award Cycle 13. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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