The planning place is a lot of ten compartments for sale in an area that has an open
field surrounded by mountains in Kagawa prefecture at Seto Island Sea where is
famous for calm and confortable climate. We planed the house for our client family of
four, husband and wife, his mother and their child.
The client has two requirements. The 1st is to have covered parking space, the 2nd is
living space where client family can keep their privacy.
So we supposed the “beret house” that has big roof and the outer moat as a beret
cups all over the site.
We used semimonocoque structure by shell and timber construction truss that makes
“bulky boundary.” The boundary not only keeps client family’ s privacy but also
provide a feeling of unity that the polyhedral shell encloses all over the site and it
realize astylar space to make client family feeling warm.
And the boundary also is a buffer zone between inside of the house and outside
The buffer zone can crossover various direction of people’ s line of sight in an effective
manner and keep their privacy at the same time. It can be adapted to a variety of
uses for their life because the boundary is obscure to reduce the distance between
inside and outside of the house. So it can shorten also the mental distance of them
more than a normal boundary like a glass board.
The buffer zone can make a microclimate in combination with the bulky boundary
because of the smaller footprint than that of square footage of roof. The combination
can reduce ecological footprint within the house so that it realize confortable indoor
air quality and climate without electrical facilities.



Location : Takamatsu-City , Kagawa-Pref , Japan
Main Use : House
Site Area : 206.98?
Building Area : 120.60?
Total Floor Area : 141.42?

Architect : Masahiro Miyake (y+M design office Co.)
Director : Hidemasa Yoshimoto (y+M design office Co.)


Yohei Sasakura