Architectural Permeability to Strong Ocean Winds

(A Harmony of Structure and Ecological Force)

The greatest challenge in conceptualizing the IK group’s headquarter building, located in Incheon facing the Yellow Sea, was to resolve the issues arising from the significant winter winds. The key was to discover a sustainable and ecologically sound solution to solve structural problems, conserve energy, and optimize ventilation.
Furthermore, the client required a design of simple shape, a solid structure against the winter storms, a large columnless and beamless space for convenience, all with an intriguing design. This was a demanding task.

To allow the strong northwester to pass through the building easily and quickly, we designed a wide path for the wind to pass through by emptying more than half of the right low-rise area and the underground multipurpose plaza. Also we made a small corridor on the left of the façade to allow ventilation of the swift sea winds in the summertime and reducing horizontal wind forces.
At first, one of the client’s requirements was to make a multipurpose public space on the top floor. However, to avoid the strain and confusion of vertically moving visitor and staff traffic, to ensure company privacy and to create a multipurpose space for different events (lecture, concert, wedding, party) we connected the void façade and the underground space. We endeavored to provide a comfortable underground multipurpose plaza able to facilitate indoor and outdoor events. Natural lighting and ventilation were thus achieved without the intervention of an indoor traffic line.

In addition, users of the space will enjoy the dramatic contrast and the sense of space created by the concreted grid ceiling.



- Client: IK Corporation
- Architect: KyeongSik Yoon / KACI International
- Location: Incheon, Korea
- Fuction : Headquaters Office
- Completion Date: 2012. 10.
- Site Area: 64,561 m2
- Bldg. Area: 640.12 m2
- Gross Floor Area: 3,010.84 m2
- Bldg Scale: 1 story below ground, 4 stories above ground
- Structure: R.C.
- Exterior Finishing: Exposed Concrete, T24 Pair Glass

IK Headquarters by Kyeongsik Yoon in Korea, South won the WA Award Cycle 14. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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