Chenaran building is located in one of the luxuries neighborhood of Shemiranat, Tehran. It is the first Organic Architecture building in the city. The concept would be built at the intersection of Valiassr Avenue and Modaress Parkway. Valiassr ave is the most considerable Avenues of Iran and is known to be the longest and one of the oldest Avenues in Tehran. It is extended all the way from the south of Tehran the to the north of it connecting the city from back in time . This avenue was built nearly close to a century ago and owes it’s beauty and character to the Maple trees that were planted on each side of the road even before it was built. It is documented that there was 14000 trees planted to create a phenomenal beauty and a pleasing appearance to the Capital city.

Chenaran’s design is a modernist approach to an organic architecture . It is inspired by the natural look of the Maple trees to remind the viewer of nature . The importance of this development is to understand the motive behind the structure of this building, which is a design that connects the ancient culture and admiration for green life to an organic -contemporary architecture . The composition of this building represents the culture of the Maple tree that is one of Tehran’s signature trees. Maple trees have important significance for the city and they are not only exclusive to Aliassr ave, but part of the city’s culture. Apart from its beauty, Maple trees offer a different experience every season, the jeweltone leaves reminds us of the spectacular foliage covering the stone buildings and its fine grained wood is used for luxury furniture and has ornamental quality. Some Maple trees grow higher than 60 feet that makes it ideal for architectures and professional landscapers to add color and charm to their design.

Chenaran Building is a hip between the Organic concept and city’s heritage .



MOhammad Reza Khakpour director
arteavita Architecture Group


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