Generally, pediatric dental clinic is a dental clinic for patients that are underage. Therefore in pediatric dentistry, dentists need to have knowledge in growth and development of children as well as ability to give dental instruction to parents.

For this reason, I have designed a space where we can feel “growth”.

Since I have adopted separation of traffic in the plan of this clinic, there are rooms for each unit. This means that each room is a closed space surround by “walls”. In order to create a sense of openness and secure the visibility of the staffs, I have made a semicircle shaped opening on each wall. As the diameter of the opening on each wall is different, the size and the height of the openings vary, creating a space where we can feel the change in the level for line of vision.

Moreover, the opening on the walls are interlocked with the façade to create a façade design that conjures an image of a “smile with white teeth”, which is just right for a dental clinic.

What I suggest is a “scenery that changes along with the growth of a child”.



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miyamoto keisuke