This home is shared by two families situated in a quiet residential area. The most important thing in the house is to share with family members time that is limited during the day.
Access to the building is on the living room, which is situated on the lowest floor. Several towers grow like a forest in the living room. Each tower responds to the needs of an individual person. To facilitate communication between family members, movement through the tower always starts in the living room at basement level, where the kitchen and bathroom are also located.
Each tower has floors that are distinctly programmed for learning, relaxation, hobbies, and sleep. As go up to the roof, it will become a private little by little. One always feels the presence of the outdoor environment because the towers have windows on all sides. The environment of each room varies with climate, weather, time, and seasons so that the family can enjoy the change.
In the future, it is possible to use this shared housing unit even with a change in family structure because the house maintains the privacy of an individual while encouraging communication in the living room.



Location : Nagoya, Japan
Program : House for two families
Plot area : 240 m²
Built area : 250 m²

Kotaro Horiuchi / Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC.
Anran Li / Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC.
Catherine Tran / Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture INC.

House of the Tower by KOTARO HORIUCHI in Japan won the WA Award Cycle 18. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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