The concept uses the architectural sign Bandstand to transform an urban arid and overexposed space, such as an empty square, into a vivid fresh urban space. RoSaS is conceived not as an object for contemplation but as a catalyzing experience. The emphasis on Radiance is closely aligned with RoSaS design to maximize sun-light control, ventilation, fresh air and colored fabric surfaces, used as sensory tools.
RoSaS key design, to reinforce dynamics and motion aesthetics, it is both circular form and bright curved lines.
RoSaS is a prototype for a new approach to the urban Bandstand typology which can be installed in different variations, at several public spaces. The general approach related to Tango was chosen by its improvisation, creative discovery, spontaneity, evolution of movement along the space in circular and fluid scheme and, as well, the use of Accordion.


In a perspective view RoSaS evolves in width, along a circular path, forming a rippled pattern, as if music sound waves and dance steps are responsible for revealing the changes operated at original Sunbrella fabric strips, transforming it into sculptural shapes with geometrical design, fulfilled with gaps, resembling the Accordion shape. From sun rise to sunset, sun-light pass through these gaps transforming inner RoSaS into a glowing radiant space, as if people were under shadow trees in a natural landscape. Imperative duty to find in nature the original form justifies conscientious incorporation of Nature world logic.
The surface’s design consists in vertically and horizontally Sunbrella fabric strips, which are assembled on top and bottom to a circular tubular structure. These strips are mobile and folded to control gap width. Strips can have changing sizes and depths as well as different color scheme to adapt to either the surrounding context or performance. Its radiant effect will change depending on the sunlight and its incident angle as well as observer’s position. All study color schemes presented are based in different natural covers and our study case presents “Evergreen RoSaS” scheme. In theory one vertical module is composed by 6 strips with 4 folds each, therefore with this simple scheme, there are one to 6 different Sunbrella fabrics per module, for production simplification. The design allows that different fabric can be add to this basic scheme and in a complex system Sunbrella fabrics selected are almost infinite.

mafalda carmona

RoSaS (Radiant Outdoor Sunbrella Accordion-type Structure) by Mafalda Carmona in Portugal won the WA Award Cycle 19. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Mafalda Carmona