The Government of Punjab under the crop diversification programme has decided to increase the area under Agro-Forestry from 1.3 lack hectares to 3 lack hectares. The focus will be on poplar and eucalyptus plantation in the state. This increase requires huge facilities for marketing and processing infrastructure. Accordingly the Government has decided to establish five ultra modern Timber Markets in the state where facilities like open auctioning, wood processing, and ply board manufacturing will be provided. One such market has been established at village Naushehra, near Hariana, in the District of Hoshiarpur.
One of the components of this Timber Market is Common Facility Centre (CFC). The Centre will house different types of wood processing machines and facilities. This would help the stake holders in manufacturing value added products. The Centre is being set up by the Punjab State Agriculture Marketing Board in technical collaboration with the Forest Research Institute, Dehradun. The main objective of this Centre is to educate local people / timber manufactures / workers for appropriate package of practices in wood processing through training programmes.
The client’s brief for the building was to provide a large column free space in which number of wood processing machines can be installed, leaving sufficient movement area around them for easy maneuvering. Considering the large volume of the covered space, it was decided to construct the building in hi-tensile pre-engineered steel. Pre-engineered steel structures have numerous plus points as compared to conventional structures. These are easy to construct, fast to construct, economical and more precise.