Considering the pre-existing, as well as the constraints of the predetermined schedule, we tried to create a building whose volume would integrate the territory, without undermining its functionality and versatility. In this sense, it was somehow the dematerialization of the building to the person who observes the beach, creating open plans and glazing to the east, leaving the spaces most closed to the west.
We opted for the creation of a basement, yet soft, to the whole building and terrace area allowing an increase in relation to the territory, thus achieving a greater visual projection on the beach, emphasizing the connection to the Town and to the sea.
We designed a building composed of three volumes that are tied together at the entrance, which also provides connection to the outdoor deck, where you enter the building. Each volume consists of different spaces yet they all complement each other. The public spaces are located in both lower and longer volumes, that are open to the East, projecting himself visually. The third volume, more distant and closed, integrates the service areas. The entrance area is demarcated by the frame of the most advanced volume, which extends to the access stairs.




Paulo Lucas, Arq.
Sofia Lucas, Arq.

Portofino Restaurant by Paulo Lucas in Portugal won the WA Award Cycle 15. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Paulo Lucas

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