In this specific project, the location of inserts was a key factor in its development mainly by the challenge that has become the fact that the sea view and the side with greater exposure to the sun are on opposite sides. In this sense we tried that the main rooms take advantage of visually and sun exposure.
The housing is developed on three floors, with the 1st basement buried incorporating a garage and an office, on the ground floor are the spaces of social, services and private rooms, on the top floor will be integrated leisure and reading areas, always overlooking the sea by the mezzanine over the living room.
Stands out in terms of volumetry a stone wall that is assumed as an organizing element of the space, crossing through the housing from one side to another. It is this element that bring us into the house, transitioning from outside to inside. This wall also establishes the organization of the compartments, making the separation of social, functional and private spaces.



Architecture: Paulo Lucas, Arq.
Engineering: Carlos Gonçalves, Eng. - Rui Casaca, Eng.


Paulo Lucas

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