An inspiring, warm and friendly hospitality buildings atmosphere. A hotel with charm, character and local identity that can be enjoyed for a long duration of time but meant for engaging diverse nationalities in a cultural oasis. The architecture of tourism redefined to enhance interaction while avoiding the uniform in global architecture. Pedagogic as well, for the architecture tends to be simple but informative about the new culture of modernity related to its history in the region. The local intelligent architectural and built cultural elements, within the region hence propel a new modernity. An effervescent space sequence; full of light and shadow, surprise and anticipation. Volumes of delight. A healthy and still luxurious concept, born out of the simple but soberly intense.



Skeleton structural system with brick partitioning, with passive cooling methodology in design applied. An ecological friendly approach to all matters technological; and energy saving devices, with materials that respect the resourcefulness of the planet. Simple and affordable budget for construction and finishing but with an intensity of design in all matters from the architecture to the mongers & hinges; to the furniture and plates and inductive style to a new sustainability in living attitudes and the good life.




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