Llandudno Beach in Cape Town, situated on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula, is surrounded by large granite boulders and overlooked by mountains.
the infinity pavilion beach house balances on the cliffs overlooking the town of Llandudno in cape town, the design directly engages with its context. the main open plan accommodation area consists of a series of dramatic angular forms that cascade down the cliffs to the sea edge, emphasising the precipitous nature of the site, the cliff-face uses sand blasted structural steel sections suspending the main living area, the form reflects the changing contours of the landscape preserved uninterrupted beneath. the open plan living area has privacy and ocean views, the swimming pool connects the interior and exterior spaces of the pavilion, as part of the main living area allows the pool into it, the key feature of the scheme is the dichroic glass pod structure, which has a reinforced steel mesh embedded within it, covering the living area allowing for spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean.
a cantilevered walkway is projected from the cliff face allowing for a horizon skywalk,and infinite views.


Migo Manz
Gerard Holden
Team form HOLDEN MANZ WINE ESTATE Franschhoek Winery, Green Valley Road, Cape Town