« Fusionner » comes from a French word meaning « to merge ». The architecture merge in the urban city just like renovations merge into inside space. Everything happens without imposing in the place. The most important thing is the inside of those places, the content with someone, or should we say, a group of people who will be actors of the activities that will take place in that space. To emphasise on those activities, the existence of architectural place or a place, which evolve smoothly, is necessary.

Dive, go to the back, and sometimes get out one’s face. What was visible until a while vanishes, and a new landscape takes place. Two huge floating membranes divide the space into three vertically. The holes on the membranes are meant to obscures the borders of them. The light passes through the swaying membranes, projects the shade of light to another membrane, and gives a change. Putting up membranes with an angle enable to create holes of different heights. They can move from hole to hole to encounter new people or object, gather in one hole or stand in another one for a while. It is a space, which brings people to communicate.



Location:Nagoya, Japan
Program:Installation of the exhibition
Award: 2014 Selected for the SDA Award 2014 (Japan)

KHA - Kotaro Horiuchi Architecture