Balance of Light and Shadow
Defined as “non-place” according to Marc Augé, the terminal building is one of the most typical examples of standard spaces you can see all around the world. Although such buildings are accepted to be the embodiment of globalization and super-modernity, Bodrum Airport aims to get rid of the pressure and monotony created by compulsory standards and becomes a special spot, not only for travel, but also significant to the region it connects. Composition of secondary elements and finishes create the atmosphere of holidays and soothe the passengers, whereas the primary elements have clear directions and a strong official organization proving easy circulation of passengers within the terminal. The sense of wealth created with minimum use of columns, high ceilings and optimum daylight received through sides and roof relieves the tension of journeys event at the most depressing straits such as the security search and passport check points. Four terraces provide the opportunity to be at open air even after controlled entrance to the building. Accessing the terminal by the glass bridges, passengers pass over a green landscape arranged with banana and olive trees, daphnia and paper flower, all favorable for Bodrum climate. The suspended ceiling made up of light-weight aluminum rods facilitates the maintenance process of the mechanical systems behind it. The integrity and one-piece impression is enriched by the harmony of material, supported by opaque, screen printed or sheer glass and local natural stone on different directions of façades. Use of local black marble on the floors emphasizes the effect of continuity and depth in the terminal.



Tabanlioglu Architects: Melkan Gürsel & Murat Tabanlioglu


Murat Germen