the construction uses a natural phenomenon to create a thermal comfort inside the building without the need for active energy such as: air conditioning, heating coal / wood. That is why the construction is naturally cool in summer and warm in winter. the disposal of the building is also designed for a full exploitation of sun / light and natural breeze for maximum efficiency. the building surface is reduced to a minimal use of materials so that it can be built in a short time. the space between the walls works like a thermos as well as lead the air circulation also to create a favorable microclimate.


the goal of this design is to exploit energy stored at ground level during summer and winter periods to create thermal comfort inside the building via "air flow" through the phenomenon thermal inertia. To do this, we have developed a software package to analyze energy performance and dimension of the passive elements (windows, walls, ventilation...) taking into account the weather conditions and thermo-physical property of the construction material used and improve energy performance with lower consumption "active energy".
the temperature inside the construction will balance between (19C° /26C°) which is the perfect temperature for humans to feel confortable, with this, we are going to control the consumer behavior of using active energy.

PhD researcher at efficiency energy in the building; Optimization of conditions of comfort summer / winter : El Mehdi El Khattabi
Artiste Designer : Asmae Essaissi


asmae essaissi