Garden Valley (Liyang) is located on the centre of a metropolitan region where Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou are three main cities.
The concept is embedded in the local community. Symbiosis between nature and premium leisure in an unique setting.
Creating the ultimate sanctuary, going back to nature, returning to our roots.
An escape from the “hurly burly” of modern life. Sustainability is integral rather than fashionable.
Every child dreams of it: free as a bird living in between the trees and leaves, where you can see the beautiful nature and hear the birds sing, while nobody can see you.

The neutral tones of the wood unify Tree House with its surroundings and its minimalistic structure harmonizes with the vertical lines of the trees. The environment is introduced into the house visually, minimizing the limits between the interior and exterior.

To keep the biodiversity in Garden Valley good or even improved, the architectural concept is “ houses without harming nature and even give nature the chance to use and grow”. With a minimum footprint, houses are “floating” between the trees and are part of the “world of trees”.
Although the variation of animals and plants is already high, it is still be improved by the effort of a group people who are really loving this piece of nature. For instance, fish ponds are made, new species of fish grow in the ponds, together with frogs and other small water animals. In the kitchen of Garden valley, a variety of tasty dishes are made of local food, such as bamboo shoots, fish and tea. This is important for the natural balance as well as economic balance in this valley.



The tree houses are heated by a high tech eco boiler and partly by using the heat from the geo thermal pipe (drill) in the valley. For instance, the hot-tub is powered by geo thermal heat. Solar panels for clubhouse are used to reduce the energy demand for the whole project.
The envelops of the houses are high isolated, which is of high value. The heat in summer is kept outside by using a big overhang. Also the vertical lamella’sof the outside facade will keep the houses and rooms cool and reduce the power use for cooling in the summer. We will also use a pergola above the hot-tub to keep the heat out.

Geothermal power
Partly for the houses thermal geo heat is used. Drilled up to 2000 meters deep hot water is pumped up to be used for heating.

In Garden Valley retention ponds are used for the cleaning of the water. The rainwater is kept in ponds in order to keep the water in the park for the animals and farmers around.

Local materials
The houses are partly made of local materials like bamboo and wood, either for the facade or for the floor.
The foundation and facade’s of the first floor of the Clubhouse is made of the natural local stone.

AchterboschZantman Architects, The Netherlands


Garden Valley, Three houses Liyang, China

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