VNF Waterways of France comes every day to preserve its heritage and its development in the service of the competitiveness of transport and logistics.
The public company protects and maintains roads and sometimes unique works in the world that are components of the tourist attractiveness of our regions.
It is a responsible company to ensure the best service to its users and partners.
The action of VNF is also part of a European dimension, the French river system is naturally connected with those of our European neighbors.

In the countryside modernization of its structures, VNF develops a philosophy driving distance of these locks.
The project involves the creation of a control building to consolidate driving distance of 5 locks and two dams.
The project consists of a new building and renovation of an existing building located in the municipality of Mouy sur Seine (Seine & Marne -France)

The renovation of the existing building will completely revise the vertical circulation by incorporating a half level allowing access to the new building through a polycarbonate gateway.
Common areas (locker rooms-kitchen-meeting room, relaxation room), as well as offices are housed in the renovated building, while the control room and technical premises are managed in the new part.
Install the gazebo over the canal in the control room enables the lock keepers to regain their own spatial typology trades.
A circular desk study and ergonomic way to integrate the various control devices (touch-screen display of video-intercom-management interface ..) and sets up the center of the control room.

The project crystallises around the meeting of two rectangular volumes, one taking the volume of the existing and based on a perfect square, the other leaning back on the axis of the main flow and to house the equipment room .


Fabrice Commerçon Architecte-Ingénieur France
CNR-Compagnie nationale du Rhone-Bureau détude
BCCB-Bureau détude bâtiment
ERAS-Bureau détude electricité
ELAN-Bureau détude telecom


Commerçon Fabrice