“new buildings for sports activities...”
Konya Selçuklu Municipality has planned to build school gymnasiums for ten different schools. They are designed as separate buildings located on schools campuses. There will be two types of sports halls; considering the site conditions; four of them are designed for handball games while the remaining six will be planned for basketball games.
Compactness and functionality of the halls are emphasized in the design. The buildings have powerful architectural images due to their roof structures, surface designs, and construction materials. The surface design of the buildings’ garden side facades are proposed as completely transparent surfaces considering the integration of the activity inside the hall with the activities of the garden. In this way, it is intended that the students in the garden can watch the activities in the hall, encouraging students’ participation in the sports activities. The buildings have been designed in a way to maximize the use of daylight, hence, reducing needs for electricity, and the use of recyclable materials for the construction is indicated as a significant design criteria.



Project Date: 2011
Place: Konya
Basketbol: 952 m2
Hentbol: 1661 m2

Orhan Uludag
Zeynep Uludag


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