A sculptural building that integrates itself into a new city center by revealing the surrounding landscape, a source of inspiration turned towards Nature. A strategic project in terms of cultural and social impact.
In the context of the creation of the new Chaville City Center, we imagined the ECL as a sculptural work and drew inspiration from the omnipresence of the nearby forests - half of the public space being wooded. We dressed the project up with large, stylized trees, creating a lacy skin that envelops the reflective black concrete interior of the ECL. This original treatment sets the building apart, and makes it a catchy urban landmark, a point of reference in the town and region.



Client : Municipality of Chaville (92), FRANCE //
Delegated Project Manager : SPL Seine Ouest Aménagement (92)
Location : 25 rue des fontaines Marivel • 92370 Chaville / FRANCE
Built area : 2092 m²

Working Team Representative : LARAQUI BRINGER ARCHITECTURE // Ilham LARAQUI & Marc BRINGER Architects
Acoustic engineer : Point dorgue

credits :


Thion Laurent // Ecliptique

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