Ankara University and Gölbaşı Municipality with the planned University of Ankara Gölbaşı Campus Bicyle path- walkways and Ramps, with bike parks Bicycle-Pedestrian Overpass, café, toilets of the preparation of the project work of Architectural Design international award winning architects Levent Timurhan and prepared by the project group Architectural Concept is selected.



5.5 km on campus, off campus to 1.7 km, total of 7.2 km bicycle path, bicycle parking inside the campus where a total of 3614 has been prepared. 2:26% average slope-campus, off-campus complete design as an average slope of 2.76% thus, this is an ideal slope in the international driving comfort. Cycling Road Project in Turkey and has been completed in accordance with international laws and regulations. Solar panels were used in the bike park. Energy conversion and preferred lithium battery system to ensure the sustainable use of energy.

APPROVE; Environment and Urban Ministry, of Turkey.
Project designer; Architect LEVENT TİMURHAN.
Architectural office; Timöz Architectural Co.Ltd.
Consultant; YÜCEL ULUCAN Ankara University Urban Planner.
Consultant; ERTURGUT YAVUZ, Gölbaşı Municipality Project Manager.
Timöz Auxiliary Architect; Architect SEHER ÖZ.


levent timurhan